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Dieters Art

My husband Dieter makes beautiful Art here some of his Acril paintings, if You see something for your interest, please get in contact for more informations

I love this one. On this painting You see some of our family like Dora Vera und Gerda Rogge ( Rogge Sisters)
Dora Foster (Rogana) , Gerda Rogge(Miss Atlas) Rosy Hochegger
Nathaly Lange(Bonny West)Dieter and Coby Lange (Oswino & Jidette)


I will be working on this page to get a nice collection.

Dieter while on holiday in Spain Lloret de Mar october 2013 He painted almost every
day and we had a very good time there.
On this painting Dieter worked very long,was never satisfied but than he changed the background to bad weather and smiled. He asked me to put from an other painting some waves to his painting
so it is a work of both of us painted and digital.


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    1. Hattest Du die noch nicht gesehen? i`ch werde noch viele malereien posten auf diese seite. kusjes

  2. How wonderful that you both share a talent in art. I love the colors and expressiveness.

    1. Hi Alessa, thank You for your comment, my husband was very pleasd. greetings from me.