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zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Wieder Unterwegs

Diesmal von Palm Springs nach Laughlin ein Stad der nur aus Casino's besteht, aber auch an der wunderschöne Flus der Colorado River liegt. Der eine seite ist Arizona und der andere Nevada und es gibt sogar ein Stunde unterschied. Klick alle links hierunter wenn Ihr mehr erfahren wollt.

On the road again this time from Palm Springs where we had a great time specially with our friends Walt and Dorothy Harms. He is alraidy 85 years old and loves to play golf with Dieter.
Anyway we took first the autoroute 10 to Indio and there we made a short cut through the desert 

again on a narrow but beautiful route 78. Direction Laughlin. Passing the Arizona border.
Laughlin is a town with almost only Casino’s, but as the Colorado River runs through it .It is also beautiful to take a walk along this great and clean river http. One side of the river is Arizona and has also a time difference from one hour to the Nevade side. That is where we stayed at the ColoradoBell Casino. 

We had a drink at GoldenNugget

In the night we went to the other side in the Tropicana 
 were we danced and spend some money on the bar poker tables . That is so cool since every drink is free when You put some dollars in the machine and have fun. The enterainer was a Singer from Ireland He was good and it sound like a whole orchester was playing.

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