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zaterdag 7 april 2012

My Bags

Day 7 of the blogchallenge

Loving different kind of fiber arts, makes it difficult to chose what to make this day. I love knitting bags and like "Haut Bags"there are many Magazins around where You can find some inspirations. I prefer to use recyced material, like old pieces of handpainted silk for example.

This lovele silk bag is sold 
This lovely bag is  made from recycled silk, cut in long stripes than crochet. The vintage picture is printed on canvas so is the text of poezie and the text song singing sofly together with lace and flowers as embelishment. But I have made many plastic bags cut long stripes and knitted I find it difficult to crochet the plastic. All the bags are then  nicely  lined with zipper pockets. Some embelishments with beads and buttons and ready is a one of a kind ( Ooak ) piece. You can have a look at my website to find more handbags.

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