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vrijdag 6 juli 2012

Made by Nature

Nature has so much to offer more than I will ever know. But sometimes I find something so pretty I have to take pictures. Like in springtime I found a small leave that came just around. We love trees and had a few bonsai's. I took the little plant very carefully to take home and look up in a book, what kind of tree or plant this would be. We asked people on the golfcourse, but no one could tell the name of it, or has seen this before.

I put the little plant in our garden in a small pot to watch it grow. What a surprize after 2 weeks about we found out it was our most known tree in our climate a Birch!!

This is how it looks now, we hope that it will grow and that we can make a little bonsai out of it. We have many books about bonsai's.  45 years ago was the first time we went to Japan and fall in love with their beautiful gardens. And went to a large Bonsai side. We bought a few trees and brought them to Holland.
Today I found an other special Art piece made by nature. Just a piece of bark but how nice. I will make a Ikebana with it for my Shop.
Natures Art
Like a sculpture                               
From the side almost like a feather
this is the inside what beautiful colours.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Who would have thought that little plant is actually a baby tree?

  2. Yes I know, and how is it possible that no one I asked had ever seen it before??