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woensdag 25 juli 2012

Recipes Scrapbook part two

I wrote earlier about the recipes scrapbook I found from 1965 and so I decide to post a few more recipes out of this handmade book by me.

On the left side there is a handwritten recipe of Goulash for 2 people, well normaly I would never make it again for just 2 people, because if You have too much goulash You can use it the next day again and mix it with sauerkraut. MMMM very good than you can call it szegediner goulash. It is delicious, click the link if You want to try it 
3 ounce beef or pork
1 pound onions
1 pound of tomatoes or can tomato purree
3 Peppers 3 or 4 teaspoons paprika powder
salt and pepper.
Cut meat in small bits, pepper and salt it. Then gently fry brown in butter, for 45 minutes. Than the chopped onions, peppers and the tomatoes. Simmer everything for half an hour.
This page has a few very easy snacks to make in the evening and serve with a beer or a glass of whine.

Hard boil eggs, peel and cut in half lengthwise, remove the yolk, mix it with salt and pepper, add a little evaporated milk and add some mayonnaise, fill the egg halves.
Cut sausages open, add a slice of cheese and wrapped with a slice of bacon. Bake until the bacon is brown and crispy.
A thick slice of cheese fetch through  beaten egg white, then through breadcrumbs. Bake on both sides in butter.
Put herbs throug chopped meat. Make small rounds and bake on both sides for about 20 minutes. Put a slice cheese on top . With the lid on the pan bake untill cheese is melted.

I'm sure now a days there are much better snacks than those written by me in 1965. But some showartist gave them to me and I am sure I have tried some of them.

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