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vrijdag 25 januari 2013


My day was too short today. My head needed a rest and so we went for a little walk and bought some fabric that will be good for the back of my quilt which I started today. But there are no photos only the one I posted yesterday. So no much to write about. Dieter just said You did not write anything about your beautiful glaspainting.

That is what I will do. I found some very nice pictures from vases, that I would like to show You.
I like to paint on glas the objects are stunning and with a light on them are so pretty. I use very often porcelaine paint, so the glas have to bake in a normal ofen for about 40 minutes, and after that You can clean them with lukewarm water.

My studio is still not complete a large table is missing, it is standing in the cellar, but I have to wait till sunday before we get it upstairs.

The vase on the right is my favorite. It looks so good on a
glass table.

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