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woensdag 9 januari 2013

How sweet can life be

Look at our cat, she always finds the best place in the house. She looks like a princes laying on one of my beautiful quilted pillows and I believe she thinks I made them for her! Wrong!!!

I have made several large bed quilts and some wallhangings and now that I got my new studio, that will be one of the projects I do this year, make another quilt.
Today I made my costume for the show more beautiful and practice on my machine Free Motion Quilting. It takes a long time before the stiching goes smooth. There is a young woman on the web Leah Day who has a workshop called:
"The Free Motion Quilting Project" Have a look at her site, she explanes very good the possibilities and the importance of practice. Just as with everything in life, if You want to become good at something
                                        IT TAKES TIME !
One of my large bed quilts machine pieced and hand quilted.

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  1. kind of like my kids taking over my cushy loung chair. WRONG. I bought it for ME!

    1. Hallo Sandra, Thank You for your comment I just clickt your link You are a great writer, for me to write englisch is still a challenge.