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maandag 28 januari 2013

Our queen Beatrix and me.

Just one second ago our queen Beatrix told her people that starting on the 30th of april this year she will resign as queen and that her son Wilhelm Alexander will than follow her and be king .

This has to do that she will be 75 year old  this month and the monarchie in the netherlands is 200 years old this year. She said she loved to be queen but it is time tor a new generation. I like her very much she did a marvolous job always near the people and in a way I am a little sad that this period is over. Hopefully her son will do as good as she did. I was lucky to met her long time ago, when I was 8 years old and dancing in the ballet and she and her sisters where also in the same ballet. Than still princes Beatrix was helping backstage and putting on my make-up. Her mother queen Juliana and prince Bernhard where in the audions. I will never forget that. It made a big impact on me. The ballet was o.l.v. Hans Snoek she was the founder of the (Scapino Ballet) in the nieuwe De  La Mar theater in Amsterdam. I was dancing as littlye bee. Unfortually I have no pictures of this. But here is one: me on my "spitzen"

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  1. Nice! I couldn't translate the little check boxes (except interessant), so I thought I'd write a note. What do "mooi" and "te gek" mean in English?

    1. Hi Joanne, mooi, means beautiful and te gek is something like outstanding! also like this is crazy. But than again crazy has more meanings and not always so nice. and that counts also for te gek