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zondag 20 januari 2013


The last three days I performed on stage as jester. The days went by so quick. It was a lot of fun and it looks like they were happy with me. I had to run backstage and back to the front to bring the different artist passing by  the public on stage. There was: Belsj leger, Maurice Timmermans, Andy Marcelissen,(I got a very funny poetry book from him: EEN 10 VOOR SPELLING) Ben Verdellen, Berrie Knapen, Cheerleaders 1 FC Köln, Hans Eijkemans, Ger Frenken, Jan Geraedts and the speaker Olaf van Eijndhoven.
I had an own spot on the corner of the stage with a soft  spotlight on me.

It was always a long evening I had to be there at 17.30 because I got a very interesting make-up, done by Lotje whom I know for many years.
All the artist, me included
 became a nice
present made by the artist
Henk Sillen.

After the show my husband and I had a glas of wine in the theater bar and ofcourse I still had my face painted so I got a lot of attention.
I was a little tired today, but while I was on my computer I was thinking of starting pinterest and was surprized how quick that was done. I'm not ready yet but will work on it more tomorrow.

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