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donderdag 11 april 2013

Japan and his bonsai's

We both love Japan. The many traditions, like the kimono, the beautiful tempel and gardens. As artist, we worked the first time in Japan in 1967 and fell in love with the country, the kimono's and the lovely bonsais. The small trees are taken care of so well and need almost as much attention as an animal. Trimming and cutting the leaves, so they stay small and putting them in small plates so they look great.
We almost wanted to import many bonsai,s and start a business, but we did not have enough experience to try and sometimes we are still sorry that we did not give it a change. Anyway we have many books about them and since 2 days Dieter made  lovely aquarels from them and I want to show them to You

I also made many kimonos in the last years and here is a picture from the artist him self in one of his kimono's.

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