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donderdag 4 april 2013

The letter A

Today I  visited the blog from familybugs (50 blogging tips for the creativ seller)again and she had a good idea to blogpost by the alphabet to keep You going. Now for me that would man to start by the letter "A". So in my niche what does come up with the letter A? "A" is all I try to do: make "ART" If it is textileart or watercolor painting,
Tulips made by Dieter Lange
making one of a kind art figures. Acril paintings or Ooak Jewlery and bags. It is so much that it is very difficult for me to make a desicion what kind of art I will produce toay.
Recycled Ooak Handbag made by Coby Lange

When I was still working full time as a choreographer, that was also art. I had to come up with complex figures or very simple steps to make a dance work with the music. There is a lot of Art around us, as in Nature as on the streets, just have a look around You. I'm sure You will find some very close to home.

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  1. I like this idea - right now I am doing the A to Z Blog challenge on a different theme or I would start over again. LOL. I love your work... looks like you create lovely art... and I am also going to check out the blog you refer to... I could use some wisdom today!

    Happy Ultimate Blog Challenge!

    1. Hi Julie, Thank You for visiting my blog. I just looked at Yours too, You are a great writer. I wrote also a childrens book you can see it here . I wrote 3 blogs about it.
      I wish You success with your work

  2. I like the tulips!
    and I like the bag!
    Hugs,and kisses xxxx

  3. Sorry a little late, but hugs and kisses back. Danke