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donderdag 11 juli 2013

A funny story

Two post missing, nothing to do, I was on the road 2 days and without my laprop, I will try to go on with blogging for the rest of the month, but not sure if I manage to make 31 posts this time. 
We have a very small tent and a few years ago I wanted to make a camping holiday in Switserland. We found a beautiful campingside in Lugano at the lake. The tent was quickly put together, but the large matras was almost impossible to fill with air. So I had to buy a better pump. That worked okay, but still took almost 20 minutes. In the night time I felt the air slowly went out of the Matras and the ground was getting wet and cold. Dieter woke up all freezing and frustrated. Yes I know we are too old for such a tent holiday. So he got up at 4 o'clock in the morning took a shower and than we broke our tent down and off we went back to Holland. No more tent holidays.

But now we found all the pieces again and tried to put it up at a nearby lake and yes it worked. Only the large matras is impossible. We want to leave the tent in the back of the car, so if we make an unexpected trip without Hotel reservation, we always have a place to sleep, but better we buy some better beds incase we need it. I like to sleep in a hotel, but do not like to book a hotel, because You are oblige to go there, even if You find a nicer place to stay on your way.

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