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vrijdag 24 augustus 2018

Wallhanging Route 66

It took a long time to finish this Wallhanging. I started right after I finished Viva Mexico.
I started at the beginning of March, but because of my parkinson handicap I can only work on the sewing machine when I feel real good. Also the writing on my blog gets more difficult for me. It makes me feel terrible sometimes, But hey that is what my life is. Got to live with that. So You can inmagine that I am very proud that I finnished this piece. The Route 66 or "my way" as I also like to name it means a lot to us. As my daughter lives in the US we drove many times on that road to bring us to her.

The mesurements are 110 x 140 cm It has a sleeve at the top what makes it easy to hang on a wall.
wallhanging handmade by Coby Lange

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