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zaterdag 21 april 2012

Tante Til

Wow alraidy saturday again so fast the week passes by. And 10 more post to do for the ultimate blog challenge. Now I have met some nice people who commented on some post and I am sure it alraidy was good for me to do this challenge, if only for the diciplin. Today I want to tell something about Tante Til, that means Aunt Til and that is the name of a nice shop here in my house. The colours are very bright pink and white. The woman who runs the place is Jolanda and she loves to be creative and work with people to make nice presents in all different materials. So she has yarn in splendid colours, clay, beads, alphabet characters in wood, and so much more. It is very coloured and it makes You happy when You walk into the shop. She also runs a Webshop Tante Til
Jolanda,  Director of Tante Til in Roermond Netherlands

She plans to teach different workshops for speciel events. She offers her help and if You like to work on her table with some friends that is great too. She is a new business starter and I wish her all the best.
In the front of the shop is a pretty wagon

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