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vrijdag 24 augustus 2018

Wallhanging Route 66

It took a long time to finish this Wallhanging. I started right after I finished Viva Mexico.
I started at the beginning of March, but because of my parkinson handicap I can only work on the sewing machine when I feel real good. Also the writing on my blog gets more difficult for me. It makes me feel terrible sometimes, But hey that is what my life is. Got to live with that. So You can inmagine that I am very proud that I finnished this piece. The Route 66 or "my way" as I also like to name it means a lot to us. As my daughter lives in the US we drove many times on that road to bring us to her.

The mesurements are 110 x 140 cm It has a sleeve at the top what makes it easy to hang on a wall.
wallhanging handmade by Coby Lange

dinsdag 10 april 2018


We had a few difficult month (my hubby became real ill and needed a difficult surgery) and so I did not feel like writing. But now it is much better and so here again a new blogpost.
Despite all the difficulties I kept on going hand sewing on my large wallhanging. It has a lot of colour and the size is 2 meter wide by 2.40 long. I did not find a good place at my own gallery so I had to wait untill last month March where I had an exhibition with my friends from KC61
at a very nice place, called Terpekerkje Urmond
And here it is!!
I left it as three long pannels so it is possible to hang them apart with as much space in between as needed and ofcourse also leave it as one large piece, which I think is cool.

zaterdag 14 oktober 2017

Stitch by stitch

Yes that is what I do stitch bij stitch working on a very large Wallhanging.  For me,this is almost like meditation. Brain on zero! Just that small movement of my hands, up and down it goes. But to listen to soft clasical music is a must too. Than I feel great. And after many many hours (untill now 140 hours) I will have a large piece from 200x240 cm!
Here is a small glance

While I am working, our gallery is open and the people who come in are very curious of what I am making.

I still do not know how to finish it: in one large piece or maybe in three narrow pieces I have many options. We will see. I'm not in a hurry. At first I thought of hanging out in the next exhibition that I have late October,  but I'm convinced that the panels are not long enough. And I do not want them hanging on the floor so people could stand on it.

dinsdag 10 oktober 2017

A surprising afternoon

Dieter my husband and I had a great afternoon last Saturday. We were invited to a reunion of dancegirls who worked with us as a show group. Dieter and I were footjuglers and also our daughter Nathaly became an artist in the show business. We started with these girls in a winter circus in a theater here in our hometown of Roermond called Cirque d'Hiver. This was a large group of about 14 girls and is 30 years ago. With a few of them we have done some good shows and now they organized this reunion for us. Fantastic how these girls grew up like beautiful ladies. With stories about life, children and business.
I was welcomes with flowers and many photos in their albums were running around. Small snacks and drinks are served. We are very greatful to meet so many good and beautiful people in life. We are really very old now, but surrounded with them made us feel young again. We had a great time. Here are some pictures of that afternoon
Reunion with our dansgirls

woensdag 4 oktober 2017

Vandaag gaat het weer

Wat gaat er vandaag weer? Schrijven bedoel ik normaal gesproken als je met de blogchallenge meedoet is het de bedoeling iedere dag een blog te schrijven. Maar je kunt je wel voorstellen dat mijn gedachten op 2 oktober meer bij onze dochter schoonzoon en kleinzoon in Las Vegas waren. We zijn dan ook zeer gelukkig dat het onze kinderen daar goed gaat alhoewel onze schoonzoon zich op het moment van de schietpartij ook in het casino Mandalay Bay bevond voor werkzaamheden.
We waren blij s'morgens al een tel. van onze dochter te ontvangen dat ze okay waren.
Daarna moesten Dieter en ik even naar Valkenburg naar het museum Land van Valkenburg om dat de tentoonstelling waar ik aan mee deed afgelopen was na drie maanden en ik 4 mooie werken van mij moest afhalen. Die komen het eind van deze maand in een tentoonstelling van het gemeente huis Echt-Susteren te hangen.
Winterlandschap textiel wanddecoratie

Thuis gekomen kon ik nog een paar uur aan mijn nieuwe textielkunst werken, maar ik kan niet zo lang achter elkaar werken want ik heb helaas last van rugpijn en moet na een half uur steeds even opstaan en een stukje lopen.

zondag 1 oktober 2017

What to do

Time for a blog challenge again, it seems to work so why not start this month.
Not sure if I should write in Dutch or English. I come across small responses to find out what's best. So the following is in Dutch.
I have a little pain. About a week ago, I hurt my back by doing nothing really, and working on a very large wall hanging makes it very disturbing. I want to finish it for an exhibition at the townhall of Echt-Susteren, a small village in the south of the Netherlands at the end of October.

Usually I work 3 to 5 hours a day. It is all Handmade, stitch through the stitch. My work space is a big disorder, but as long as my beloved man does not complain, it's also good for me.
Tomorrow I have to go to Valkenburg, together with KC61 an artist community we had a 3 month long exhibition there in the Museum "Land van Valkenburg" and tomorrow it is time to bring our art back home again.

zaterdag 29 juli 2017

Small Art Garden

July 29th again.
That's how fast the time goes by. I wanted to write a few blogs this month and I did. Not as much as I would have had but better than not at all. So today I write something about our little garden. We are so lucky to have a place to go outside and enjoy flowers, scrubs and even a pond with some goldfish. But above all we love art and curiosities or even 'KITSCH' on the old wall around the garden. When we bought this house about 30 years ago, we thought we would close the garden so we had a bigger store. But fortunately we did not.
Dieters Art Wood Faces ith chandelier
Sometimes we go outside for dinner. Many times when people come to our gallery, they walk straight on to the garden and enjoy all the things that can be seen. Here are some pictures and I hope you like them.
Brass lizart

old copperpan with necklage
From above our chair with handpainted silk covert
Pond with chandelier

donderdag 20 juli 2017

Digital Photo Art

A few people who read my blog on a regular basis, know that I love to make digital art very much. Here is a link to an old post from 2013 . This year we had a few days together with our daughter in Spain. She and my husband were collecting some small stones and try to build them together like a pilar. That was not so easy and they had a lot of fun with it. So I took some pictures and last month I made an other digital art from them. It took me quit  a while to do, but I think it is funny. And the proof: Do not believe everything You see on photos it may be all untrue.

Big stones!!!

This is how it started

zondag 16 juli 2017

Last week arts

On sunday we had some friends to visit us. That's always nice, because we can show some of our art we've been working on last week. Dieter made another watercolor of some Lilies , on heavy watercolor paper.
Aquarel by Dieter Lange

 I was working on digital drawing on our new Ipad. I bought this ipad specifically for my hubby for Father's Day, but I'm more pleased with it. I've downloaded Pro create and love it. I use to work with Photoshop elements, but for drawing Pro create is better for me. Here some pictures:  the first one a landscape

first drawing with pro create Coby Lange

                                  and the last one was a combination of drawing and a photo.

Coby's art 

dinsdag 11 juli 2017

Opening Exhibition at the "Museum Land van Valkenburg."

Last Sunday we had the opening from the Exhibition " Eder zien eige stiel"in Valkenburg. This time I was better prepared to find a parking place. So I only had to walk 5 minutes to the museum. It was a beautiful day. I was the first from 7 people from KC61 (kunst corridor 61) and that was good, my textile art had found a very good place and everything looked  nice. The exhibition is on the top floor from the museum, it is an old building but has a lot of charme. The windows were open and I was able to make a few pictures. Two ladies from the museum came down to put glasses and drinks.

my textile art. Winter and Autumn
plus some ceramics from Lei Hannen.
About 50 people arrived and at 3 o'clock pm  Jos Solberg opened and then gave me the floor so I could propose all my friends and tell about their work.
Evelien Wink Schilderijen
Jeanne van Hest Ceramics

Moniek Daemen Textile Art

Joep van Kerkom Schilderijen

Leo Kornips Schilderijen