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maandag 12 januari 2015

What will be next?

I brought in some leaves in november. This beautiful colors which only autumn can give. I read about dyeing with leaves fallen from the trees and I like to give it a try. I have put them in a book to flatten them a little. Next I will put them into some silks I still have in my stash and steam them for one hour. I can't wait to see if I am lucky and get some results.
Than in the week of Xmas I had together with 6 artist an exhibition in the Gallery Trividha, that is in a Dutch Windmill, so very special and the show was opened by the Mayor. The participants of the expo:

Hugo Nelissen with Glasart 

Huub Rouschen with Paintings

Arjen Bakermans with Sculptures

Toni Bauer with Marbel sculptures 

Clementine Houben with Airbruch

Marleen Hansen with Paintings  Marleen is also the owner of the gallery.

Coby Lange, that is me, with Textile Art

Here some pictures
Mayor of Roerdalen at the opening
Marleen left and myself right.

maandag 17 november 2014

Yes, my birth month

Yes, november again, my birth month. I love autumn, the beautiful colors that nature makes, how long will that last.

 I remember when I was a child (and that is a very long time ago) November was cold and freezing. My memory is not so good, but I know that the last years november was much nicer. I like that a lot, all thought it might not be so good for mother nature, that global warming. There always has been a change in weather so who knows, maybe it is just normal. Darkness creeps in very early now and I have to get use to it, but as soon as the weather is not so grey, I am fine.
I have fun with my piano and made a very nice necklage again,because next Year we wil probably have back our gallery and I need to make more art for the shop.

At the beginning of this month we had a meeting with KC61 , that was a good one. Everybody was eager to have some input and came with new ideas. Me for my part told them about our gallery and the future possibilities. Wendy made a very good powerpoint presentatien about social media, which I alraidy use. well most of them like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Etsy. I will have a look at Instagram,but I am not sure if I will use all.

I just started an new art piece as I will have an exhibiton at TriVidha gallery in December.

zaterdag 20 september 2014

KC61 and ME

 Together with my art friends from KC61 we had an exibition in Sittard at the Dominikaner omgang. A beautiful building, but unfortually it needed some paint on the walls. Also a good lightning was missing, so our art did not get the full shine it shoud have. Anyway my textile art got a lot of attention and the people were very surprized that my work was not a painting, but stitched.

But it was very pleasant to meet so many good artist I will put their names and website adresses here and hope You will take time to make a visit.

                                           There was HIL van Neer with visual paper art.

                                                    Lounge ladies by LILIANE Rempakis

She thinks colors that's so true WENDY bij de ley love colors
 Fine Art by MARION op het Veld 
LOES Knoben Her Bronzes are very elegant


Paintings byLEO Kornips

Paintings by JOEP van Kerkom


GODFRIED Dols at work
on a new sculpter

RAYMONDE Sampers Art with strong feelings


And last but not least LEI Hannen Ceramics 

Further more I want to thank Norbert Kabekaussen
from NDK galeries. For more information about
all this artist please check our site KC61

donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Time flies by.

Wow time flies by so quickly, I almost forgot to write on my blog. But You know, You want to start, but something seems to be more important and off I go away from my intentions. I'm quiet busy with sport and after one hour of Nordic Walking or 2 till 4 hours golf I'm lazy. The only thing I can do than, is making some textile art. That makes me very happy and I am glad that I still find time to make my small quilt pieces.
small dragon off to see the world. 
Dieter my hubby was also very busy, he had an exhibition with his large figures at the Golf Club Herkenbosch and was very successful.
Art Dieter Lange
One month ago I joined a Online class about weaving with Jude Hill. It is a great way to get contact with same minded people. I never did weaving before, only some beadwork. But this time I tried many new features, like basket weave  or cloth to cloth weaving and I can use many of that in my work.
Feather keeper
Basket weave

zondag 13 juli 2014

So much has happened

I hardly know where to start. So much has happened in the last 2 month. So here I go. First there was this "Proef de Lente, what means somthing like Taste the Spring, that was in Mai in the cardens of the Castle Aerwinkel. We had a very good time there. About 12 Artist showed their work and on top of that we had many stands, with interesting artifacts to sell.
Faces in between trees.
collection of fearthers in a tree
Me myself was walking through the garden in a handpainted outfit, wearing a big blue wig and carying my handpainted balloon. I was successful, especially the kids loved it, and I was surprized how careful and softly they touched the silk and played with the balloon in the wind. Lovely.
I had pickt out a very old tree to show off my other art work. Like a large quilted bird and a Canvas tree which I had made from 16 prints printed on canvas and bind them together. I was lucky that Dieter helped me on a large ladder,  to fix this work strongly in the tree.
Me with my Quiltbird and Canvas Tree
Dieter himself showed two of his large wooden sculptures, one at the entrance and an other one near a pond, and flowering scrubs, which looked great.
Wooden sculpture by Dieter Lange (Marlene Dietrich)
The weather was fine not too cold just a little windy. Many visiters came to this event.
This is it for today. I will surely write more this upcoming week. Because I am busy with some interesting stuff.

dinsdag 29 april 2014

I'am very satisfied

Not writing much lately, but whow I was working a lot last month. First I did some silkpainting to make a large kind of balloon, which is working very nice in the wind and for the next weekend Dieter my hubby and I will be showing our art at the castle Aerwinkel not far from here. Dieter will show 3 of his Faces made from wood. 
One of Dieters Art pieces.

And I made one on canvas printed tree designed from my textile art and that will hang in a very interesting large tree in the park.
Silk Art by Coby Lange

Then I got a nice letter from KC61 a group of very good artist and I am accepted in the group which is great. They too will have an exhibition  soon, but this time not yet with work from me, so I hope to be invited next time. I wil write about the artist from this group after their exhibition.
Yesterday I finished my latest artwork contemporary textile. I started in februar and did a lot of stitching. First I made a pattern from a landscape and than I worked small pieces all hand made and stitched them from top (sky) to bottom together. I am very pleased with it, as mostly I work very secure and precise. This time I wanted to work more freely. I took a workshop from Jude Hill, she workes a lot with raw edges and I tried to put this work a little into my piece.
Handmade and stitched contemporary textile art by Coby Lange

maandag 31 maart 2014

Van de hak op de tak

Dit gedichtje vond ik zojuist, er is in al die jaren nog niets veranderd. Ik dacht altijd aldoende leert men, maar dat blijkt toch niet waar te zijn. Hier is het nog een keer voor de liefhebbers van gedichtjes. 

ik doe dit ik doe dat
spring van de hak op de tak
ben in de kamer 
dan in het bad
wat was ik aan het doen
ik weet niet meer wat
was het belangrijk 
of toch niet
gedachten springen rond
van vreugde naar verdriet
ouder worden
is zo gemakkelijk
nog niet

jacoba b.lange 
27 febr. 2010

Okay I give it a try in english

I do this I do that
I'm in the room
then in the bath
what was I doing
I don't know what
was it important
or maybe not
thoughts jump around
from joy to sadness
no to get old
is not so easy at all

Well that is not a correct translation But You will understand what I mean by this. 

donderdag 27 februari 2014

Keep going

To keep on going is all I really want to, but now those wishes are there but not always possible to fullfill. Anyway my life has changed a little and it feels like I have to move faster and do more and more. Restless is what you could name it. But what is nice about it is that I make many stiches every day and that means that my art work is growing everyday. Here a picture of that piece. 

I am sure I need to work on it at least one month more. At the same time I still want to learn more about textile, to combine different textures together and build up more layers. It is nice to see how I become looser in my work. I learned a lot from Jude Hill she creates lovely ragged pieces, and tells stories with her cloth. I also made an other collage from my sudoku papers.

 I like that a lot and gives me a smile when a piece is done. 
That is it for today. I have to get up and start stitching again.

zondag 9 februari 2014

I try to DIY and it worked out fine.

A little old chair, just DIY with a new cover of light blue crepe satin, something I had in my stash, unfortualy it has some colour changes in it, but that is okay for me. Age shows and I can tell!
What counts: It looks fresh. The cushion is also a crepte satin, but a different color. "Purple"
I made two of them and look a little different than on the picture, because I have put a thick ribbon around the edges. I hope they will last a few years, because all the handling with the staples is not so easy for me anymore and this time I needed som help from my hubby.
When I watched TV about Island, Wow it got me, especially the green collors of nature and the vide views. So I made adrawing on cardboard, cut it in pieces and now I will find some good material, to made a textile art from it.
This time I will work a little rougher, that is not easy for me, but I will give it a try.
Also this week I made a paper bird. I had a lot of fun making this little piece, just folding and glueing some paperbits together.
My funny bird.
He will be intelligent because it is made
from Sudoku
So this is what I did for the last two weeks. I will be happy, if You make some comments.

woensdag 22 januari 2014

Just a happy start

Till now this month was very busy, but also interesting I did a lot, exept writing my blog, sorry it took so long.

First I had to get my textileart to the Galery “Het Achterhuis” in Roermond. Dieter helped me very good, to bring all the pieces save to the galerie, we did not need a car because the gallerie is in walking distance and the weather was fine. The official opening was on friday the 10th. And was opened by Connie Hannen, she did a good job and there were about 55 people at the opening. We are 4 artist. Mary Jose Voncken with paintings, Yvonne Hensgens with keramiek, Marlies Lavarack with juwleries and myself with textileart and plastic recycled bags and shabby chique colliers.

We are open on Saturdays and Sundays only and that is realy nice. We got already a lot of visitors. The show will go on untill the end of january.

Than I worked also as JESTER in the theater The Oranjerie for Lachenderwies a show that runned for the 5th time and I always was the JESTER in this show.

That means to bring in the comedians by the public and bring them on stage and back again when they are ready. It means a lot of running and smiling all the times, for 4 hours, but I love it. You can find many pictures of me as JESTER on the internet just click this link. After the show, This is my face. !!!!
Water water water soap soap soap needed!!!!!

In the meantime I finished my very large quilt, I just did the binding and maybe tomorrow I still want to do some stibbeling on the machine around the borders. We will see. I love the colour combination with the gray silk around it.

I’m surprized what I will do next!!!!! I will let You know for sure it will be with some nice fabric

My Hubby Dieter, he too was working very hard on his large artpiece “The Face” I will write about it more next time.
This is just the design but it is readdy and RED