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maandag 16 januari 2017

Improving the gallery

In October we had an exhibition in our gallery Mixed media art by Monique Humblet. Nice work and nice colors. The opening was great and we had a lot of people who came to visit.

It's been awhile since I again write a blog, but it's not easy to do if you do not get enough response, so I'm not sure what to write about. Should it more personal, less writing, more pictures, who knows ???

The gallery will be enhanced if we invest in a nicer area, a small kitchen, a cozy sitting area. As the matter of fact, that's precisely what is happening right now, so I'm very excited.

Normally I do not have a New Year promises of what to do or not to do for the next year, but I started a small scetchbook Dieter my husband and I are making every day a small drawing or painting. It's so nice and cozy to sit together and paint. I love that. Here are some pictures.

Day 2  Coby aquarel
Day 4  Coby tekening
Day 10 Coby collage
Day 9  Dieter  Aquarel

maandag 18 juli 2016

Let love come back to the world

A few days ago an other sad day for France and the whole world.
Pray for Nice, for the whole world and let love come back instead of hate.
I wrote a song back in 2001 after the terrible terror act in New York.
A friend of my Ron Schmenck from California, put it on music.
Here the link to You Tube https://youtu.be/ncNfTdDetrU

So here it is

Songs of freedom
songs of love
do we care
songs of hate
why are they there
we don’t need
this anywhere
Give me Your hand
lets understand
the hurting pain
from a different land
maybe soon
we will know
there is one heaven
where we all go.

So try it here
for childrens sake
on this planet
is it too late?
as long as we hate
there will be 
no freedom.

Sing songs of love
and not of hate
lets hope 
it is not to late
we all want to live
on this planet
with songs of freedom
with songs of freedom
with songs of freedom

Jacoba B.Lange 27-9-2001
Ron Schmenck schreef de muziek hierbij.   Erg mooi.

dinsdag 10 mei 2016

Bevrijdingsfestival May 5 2016

Dieter My husband and I had a lot to do in the last few weeks. We prepared our Gallery for a new exhibition about Freedom. Together with our friends KC61 we filled the place with beautiful art. 

We were mentioned on Facebook by the organization of the festival, so we had a lot of people who came to us. We have many poems hanging on the wall too. 
Ben Ali Libi
Op een lijst van artiesten in de oorlog vermoord
staat een naam, waarvan ik nog nooit had gehoord
dus keek ik er met verwondering naar
Ben Ali Libi: goochelaar

Met een lach en een smoes en een goocheldoos
en een alibi dat ie zorgvuldig koos
scharrelde hij zijn kost bij elkaar
Ben Ali Libi de goochelaar

Toen vonden de vrienden van de weduwe Rost
dat Nederland nodig moest worden verlost
van het wereldwijd Joods-Bolsjewistisch gevaar
zij bedoelden natuurlijk die goochelaar

Wie dikwijls een duif of een bloem had verstopt
kon zichzelf niet verstoppen toen er hard werd geklopt
een overval wagen stond al klaar
voor Ben Ali Libi de goochelaar

In 't concentratiekamp heeft hij toen misschien
zijn aardigste trucs nog eens laten zien
met een lach en een smoes, een misleidend gebaar
Ben Ali Libi de goochelaar

En altijd als ik een schreeuwer zie
met een alternatief voor de democratie
denk ik: jouw paradijs, hoeveel ruimte is daat
voor Ben Ali Libi de goochelaar

Voor Ben Ali Libi de kleine schlemiel
hij rustte in vrede, God hebbe zijn ziel.

Gedicht van Willem Wilmink

The mayor of our city Roermond Ms Donders, and many more of the city council came to visit and stayed a while. Best of all, the weather was soooo nice. especially our garden received much attention.
Many artist were and Mohammad Garruth a Musicien from Syrien played the UT and the flute. He fled Syrien Alleppo and now lives in the Netherlands with his wife and two small children.
All together around 60 people came. So a lot of work, tired but very happy.
The exhibition continues until May 15th.

I have another exhibition in a town nearby in Reuver I show 4 Textile quilts until the 12th. Jun in Woongoed two thousand. Also along with KC 61. I think I need a quick getaway.
Wallhanging with beads and hand quilting
My latest textile srt. Kantha stitching

dinsdag 22 maart 2016

Starting a new project

Going strong
Well at least I try. On my last textile piece 6 barks which I finished end of november I put on a border and I think it looks very clean now. And it is SOLD. Whow. The woman who bought this beauty watched it grow so to say. While I was working on it she came many times and wanted to see the result and made pictures.
I am sure it will get a nice spot in her house.
Not knowing what kind of art I will make next, I made some drawings. Some of them was nature again but I wanted to try something totally different this time. Figurative abstract. Here some pictures of the last 2 weeks.

first layout
more thread painting

Last weekend we from KC61 had a exhibition together with 7 artist in Terpekerkje from Urmond. Very nice because this was a church before has a very hight seeling, beautiful light coming in through the windows. There came 190 visitors to see our work.

zondag 14 februari 2016

Kitty Cat

To write my blog is not always an easy task. Many times I think I should write again, but than life takes over and some other things are coming up to do. Like stitching a new small quilt piece which I named KITTY CAT. It is all handmade and has many kantha stitches all over. It makes me feel good to make stitch after stitch. I even can do it watching TV.

I learned a lot from Jude Hill she loves handstitching too and works every day.
After I finished Kitty Cat I wanted to make some boho kind of bags. Lovely one of a kind purses for my gallery Codiart The day I finished 2 of those,  I sold them and forgot to take a picture from the first one, but luckely my hubby Dieter took a picture with his smartphone from the second one. Here it is.

maandag 23 november 2015


I'm very happy that I met Lei Hannen with his beautiful ceramics, he is one of my artfriends from KC61
We changed our gallery to a very beautiful place with many spotlights nice and bright.

                     The vernisage was on the 18th of october and runs until the 29th of november
The openig was great , we had a piano player and I read a poem. Many people joined so it was very successful, and I sold quite a few of his work already.

In the meantime I worked on my large textileart in the gallery and often people asked what are You doing, I hear a sewingmachine, so I could show my piece: autumn forest with 6 barks.

Recycled art lots and lots of stitches. Autumn forest with barks.

maandag 21 september 2015

Berlin Wall

The last two month I was busy making the Berlin Wall out of textile. 6 Month ago my friends and fellow artist from KC61 desided to organize an exhibition around "Vrijheid" Freedom.
The left part I made out of silk and painted it red white and blue
the right part was made bij Joep van Kerkom and was printed
Not knowing that now each day, thousands of people leaving there country because of war and are looking for freedom.
Freedom, the most important feeling for anyone in this world.
So here we are at the city hall in Echt. The opening was at the 18th. of september, and I had the honor to welcome the people and to open the exhibition.
People from Syriaë were invited too to present paintings and poetry's
Mohammad Garout played beautiful the flute and the ut (an arabic lute)  Even poetry in the arabic language was performed and althought we did not understand the words,  we felt his feelings and people were quiet and impressed

Berlin Wall Textileart Coby Lange
Evelien Wink
Lei Hannen and Jeanne van Hest
Joep van Kerkom
Marion Baaten
Raymonde Sampers
Leo Kornip

dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

Working a lot on "FREEDOM"

Since the opening of our Galery I have been very busy. After Raymonde Sampers paintings were gone back to her, we filled the room with textile art from myself. The small pieces on the walls with nice lightning and my large "Stadhuis" piece in the window. The little pond here is now sold to a nice lady from Germany
"Vijver" made with handpainted silks and tread
In the mean time I finished a lovely babyquilt for a little girl and it is now in the USA

babyquilt for kayleeanne
But the most important work I am doing is preparing for an exhibition in September with my friends from KC61 The theme is "Vrijheid" and I will make 2 large pieces for this show. One is finished but I have not made a picture from it yet, just the working progess

This is the start of my first piece called Vrijheid and is made from silk stuffed with fiberfill 
After that I wrote the name vrijheid and sew it on a large frame from the back,
not easy I must say. I painted the letters red white and blue. Then I will hang it on silk tread.
To say:Freedom hangs by a thread.
OMG I started the Berlin Wall That is a very difficult task, but I love it. The word peace I made first with a computer program, then painted in on silk cut it out and sew it down. Names, dates and faces followed. A white dove not to be missed. The picture here just shows the start and I am now almost finished with it . I put a large hole on the side to look through at East Berlin. At the end of August it must be finished and I will surely put it here on my blog. At the moment it gets a lot of attention from people walking in the galery and they come back to see the progress, so that is nice.

zondag 17 mei 2015

Brand new atelier

What to write, so many things happened since last time. Everytime I think,"oh that's what I need to write about, but life goes so fast, the next thing is happened. So now I hope to find some easy time and start working in my brand new atelier.
After renting away our space, for many years, our studio is ours again. We did a lot of cleaning painting the walls and now since one week we are open three days a week to the public.

We had a nice opening day and three of my friends from KC61 are here in the gallery showing art until end of May.
There is Raymonde Sampers with paintings
Evelien Wink with paintings on wood and Resin Art.
Liliane Rempakis Art Papier-maché with her lovely Lounge Ladies
Dieter Lange my hubby with paintings and wood sculptures.

Me, myself just show some necklages, recycled handbags and textile art, like my small pictures from our city Roermond and Landscapes.
I'm also painting on silk and sewing in the shop as I am working on large textile art pieces for a show in September. Our citygarden is sooo very beautiful, all the rhodondendrons and azalea's are in full bloom and the roses spread their enchanting fragance. This is a wonderful spring!!

maandag 12 januari 2015

What will be next?

I brought in some leaves in november. This beautiful colors which only autumn can give. I read about dyeing with leaves fallen from the trees and I like to give it a try. I have put them in a book to flatten them a little. Next I will put them into some silks I still have in my stash and steam them for one hour. I can't wait to see if I am lucky and get some results.
Than in the week of Xmas I had together with 6 artist an exhibition in the Gallery Trividha, that is in a Dutch Windmill, so very special and the show was opened by the Mayor. The participants of the expo:

Hugo Nelissen with Glasart 

Huub Rouschen with Paintings

Arjen Bakermans with Sculptures

Toni Bauer with Marbel sculptures 

Clementine Houben with Airbruch

Marleen Hansen with Paintings  Marleen is also the owner of the gallery.

Coby Lange, that is me, with Textile Art

Here some pictures
Mayor of Roerdalen at the opening
Marleen left and myself right.