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woensdag 25 april 2012

There 's no business like....

For me that counts, there's no business than showbusiness. My husband and me are a real artist couple. We met in 1963 and from the very first day we met, we also worked together and yes in SHOWBUSINESS. I was only 18 years old and worked as a dancer. My husband worked in the same show and because his mam was ill, and could not assist him, the director asked me, to be the assistent of an Antipodist. I never heard this word before and was told that is a footjuggler. I got a pretty red velvet costume and so it started.
This was our first pictures in showbiz together, Taken in 1963, me in my red velvet costume with a handsome footjuggler on my site. His artist name: Dieter Oswino. Later on our name became Dieter Oswino and Jidette. After a few years just being his assistent I wanted to be in the show myself and studied also footjuggling. Because I was a good tapdancer and teacher we tried to do tapdance upsidedown. I had to practice very hard it was not easy for me. Dieter held me on his feet, me with feet high holding a wooden drum on my feet and made my routine in Tapdance.
We traveled around the world, also with our lovely baby daughter Nathaly. Such a great life, to visit so many places and meet people from all kind. I have put a video here so if You are interested to see what we did. You can. Enjoy.
Dieter Oswino & Jidette

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  1. I had a great childhood
    on the road , with my parents!

  2. This is so wonderful...I have never seen an act like this. What a fun thing to do in your lifetime.

    1. Thank You Lisa, it was wonderful, I'm very grateful for that.