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maandag 29 oktober 2018

Bonnefanten museum

 OK this is even more easier then I thought  I can directly talk to make a blog  because writing is not possible at this moment my hands were shaking too much because of my Parkinson disease . That’s why I didn’t post for long time . So I hope this works for me . In September we had a social event with my friends from KC 61 and we went together to the Bonnefanten  museums in Maastricht. I took a train and then a taxi to the museum, a great place with many large rooms and great artists.
We were with 10 people and spent there three hours, in every room was a movie about the artist and his work. Than we had a coffee together and off we went home . Even though I’m speaking I’m shaking like hell that’s really not funny but what can I do I have to MoveOn maybe I  get used to it although I cannot believe that, it makes me feel sad . Still I want to have a look if I can post some pictures of that very nice day.

This is the top of the museum. People can lay down on cushions and listen to a deep sound.

This room is made like a sewing area, but all made out of wood. even kapels for the sewing machine

So I did it. Hope You like it . See You back next time when I feel like it. COBY

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