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zaterdag 14 oktober 2017

Stitch by stitch

Yes that is what I do stitch bij stitch working on a very large Wallhanging.  For me,this is almost like meditation. Brain on zero! Just that small movement of my hands, up and down it goes. But to listen to soft clasical music is a must too. Than I feel great. And after many many hours (untill now 140 hours) I will have a large piece from 200x240 cm!
Here is a small glance

While I am working, our gallery is open and the people who come in are very curious of what I am making.

I still do not know how to finish it: in one large piece or maybe in three narrow pieces I have many options. We will see. I'm not in a hurry. At first I thought of hanging out in the next exhibition that I have late October,  but I'm convinced that the panels are not long enough. And I do not want them hanging on the floor so people could stand on it.

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