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dinsdag 10 oktober 2017

A surprising afternoon

Dieter my husband and I had a great afternoon last Saturday. We were invited to a reunion of dancegirls who worked with us as a show group. Dieter and I were footjuglers and also our daughter Nathaly became an artist in the show business. We started with these girls in a winter circus in a theater here in our hometown of Roermond called Cirque d'Hiver. This was a large group of about 14 girls and is 30 years ago. With a few of them we have done some good shows and now they organized this reunion for us. Fantastic how these girls grew up like beautiful ladies. With stories about life, children and business.
I was welcomes with flowers and many photos in their albums were running around. Small snacks and drinks are served. We are very greatful to meet so many good and beautiful people in life. We are really very old now, but surrounded with them made us feel young again. We had a great time. Here are some pictures of that afternoon
Reunion with our dansgirls

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