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dinsdag 11 juli 2017

Opening Exhibition at the "Museum Land van Valkenburg."

Last Sunday we had the opening from the Exhibition " Eder zien eige stiel"in Valkenburg. This time I was better prepared to find a parking place. So I only had to walk 5 minutes to the museum. It was a beautiful day. I was the first from 7 people from KC61 (kunst corridor 61) and that was good, my textile art had found a very good place and everything looked  nice. The exhibition is on the top floor from the museum, it is an old building but has a lot of charme. The windows were open and I was able to make a few pictures. Two ladies from the museum came down to put glasses and drinks.

my textile art. Winter and Autumn
plus some ceramics from Lei Hannen.
About 50 people arrived and at 3 o'clock pm  Jos Solberg opened and then gave me the floor so I could propose all my friends and tell about their work.
Evelien Wink Schilderijen
Jeanne van Hest Ceramics

Moniek Daemen Textile Art

Joep van Kerkom Schilderijen

Leo Kornips Schilderijen

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  1. The coolest people I’ve ever met have the most colorful pasts, they’ve lived lives of risk, made bad choices, learned lessons, explored, and they’re not afraid of being real. Tattered tapestries woven of similar threads, they’re my kind of people. My favorite shades of crazy

    1. Nice words. it was nice to meet You and your husband Hope to see You again sometimes.

  2. So nice that so many people get to enjoy this beautiful artwork.

    1. Thank You, yes it is a beautiful place and many tourist will come it stays there untill the end of september.