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donderdag 26 april 2012

Children's book

I wrote a children's book for the age 4 - 7 together with my friend Noelle Tulleners, who made the paintings. I worked them out in photoshop to fit the pages. "De regendruppel die geen plas wilde worden" A translation is very difficult, but is something like The raindrop who wanted to be by himself.
It starts like this: 

Dark clouds over the town. Sure it would soon rain. In the thickest black cloud which you've ever seen, even millions of raindrops were waiting until they could be released. They rejoiced to see the world finally and looked out to go dancing by the wild wind gusts and fall down to the earth.

Anyway the story goes, that the little raindrop is looking for a place to come down all alone instead to go with all the others. He looks down and finds an umbrella from a little girl and lets himself down.

When she comes home, she put the umbrella in a box. After having tea with her mam, she goes outsite and play with her friends in the rain puddle pools. They all have a lot of fun and the little raindrop is angry that he is not ousite too and playing with the kids.
The sun seems by the window and takes along the little one on her sunjets high in the sky and put him down on a rainbow.
There the raindrop looks down on earth and say: Next time when I go down to earth again, I want to be with all the others and play together. No !! He never wanted to be alone again.

I also bind the book and sold a few in the Netherlands.
The translation in German is also done.

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