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vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Some news from Las Vegas

It has been awhile to write for my blog, but ofcourse I am on  holiday and I want to be as much as possible with my love ones.
First we went to our very loved place "The District", a place which looks like a small village in France, with nice shops and very good food. Like the Fish restaurant "Kings Fish House" where ( as a tradition) we go together to have some oysters.

After that we  spent a few days in the  Hotel Casino "Aliante" not far from my daughters home. With swimming pools and different Theaters and Restaurants. We got a good rest after this long trip from Europe to the USA


view from our room
 Coming home again to my daughters place, I love to sit in her garden, but only very early in the morning, or in the evening. It is extreme hot this May, Some days over 100 F what is 35C !
The  Sound of Las Vegas for me, is the wind singing through the high palm trees. Lilac flowers and a hummingbird the sound of spoons and beads hanging on a cord.The kitchen near, water boiling for my tea. Lovely to be here.

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