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zondag 13 mei 2012


Today is mother's day and it just started, so I will not write about this day yet. Many things has happened since the last time I wrote. On the 10th of this month May we went to the USA to visit our daughter , son inlaw and grandson. We have not been together for 14 month and so I am very exited. The flight we took was the first direct flight from Düsseldorf to Las Vegas, this year. Unfortunately this direct flights only go untill october. To get to the airport we asked for a taxi who came 30 min.late, because they mixed up the date of our travel. rrrrrr. Anyway we are here and that is great. Our grandson looked an other half a meter taller than last time we saw him. And Dieter almost past him. Luckely he reconized us still!!! We stay in their lovely home in Las Vegas.

 Nathaly and Tuson have a large talent to decorate the house. It is full of original paintings and many artifacts from around the world and special: Native American, beadwork, drums, flutes, masks and so much more. Everytime when you sit in the room Your eye gets something new.
Tuson's brother Buffalo and his lovely wife Athena were also there for only a few days. The three of them went for a Harley Davidson ride through the Red Rocks Valley. They drove for 200 miles that day, where all tired when they came come, but had the Day of their Life driving together. The family has many famaly members, but live all around the USA. Buffalo and Athena went back home yesterday to Wisconcin
Athena, Tuson and Buffalo Big Mountain

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