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zaterdag 28 juli 2012

Bonny West, watch her great Act

A while ago I wrote about my daughter Nathaly, who lives and works in Las Vegas Nevada. At this moment she is working at the Viva Elvis Show from Cirque du Soleil. She is a Cowgirl and worked as an artist since she is 15 years old. She was practicing with her dad, many hours a day.
As You click the link from the Elvis show You see that it is the last season and so, Bonny West ( that is her Artist name from the very start )has many idea's for new Shows, she is a real born Artist.
She just made a very nice website and You probably like to see some pictures of everything she has done so far. So here is the link and I hope You stay there a while. Bonny West Don't forget to put your speakers on because there is a video of her act as wel.
Nathaly and Tuson Big Mountain

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