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zondag 29 juli 2012

Garden treasures

It is hard to keep on track these last days with the blogchallenge, now with the Olympic even more. I love to watch the TV with all the good sports. Just now I watch Beach Volleyball Germany against Australia and it is very exiting. It looks like Germany is going to win this one. Anyway, Dieter and I were in our garden and took pictures of all the little treasures we have put together. Our collection gets bigger every year. Here are some pictures.

We also have some nice roses I have in our small garden. Sorry but I cannot tell You their names. They are so beautiful they look like silk. They don't last long but there are new ones coming everyday.

My painting standing against a wall, it seems like the rain does not matter on this painting, but in the winter I will put it somewhere els.
This little figure is from Japan, we bought it about 45 years ago. She does not get any older het face is smiling everyday.
This piece is handcarved by Dieter, The stone came down from our church during a earthquake we had here on the 13th of april 1992, it was the biggest earthquake Netherland ever had.

This piece is my personal favorite, also made by Dieter and from the same material. The stone is called "Mergel"

An old waterpump, made out of copper. We have this one many years.

Little pieces of copper on a wall.
This mirror is in memory of my mam, who died almost 2 years ago, it was hanging in her room as long as I can remember.
A copper lantern and a golden lady, made by Dieter from airdried clay. It is standing a longtime in the garden, but need some care, because this lady does not like to stand in the rain for a long period.

We have such nice pictures that I will put tomorrow some more of our treasures on the next blog.

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  1. You Have a beautiful garden and beautiful artwork. I too love to watch the Olympics. Normally ı knit and watch TV at the same time but conentration on the knitting is difficult with the excitement of the sports.

    1. Thank You Dianne, Me too like to knit or crochet while watching TV, Like that I do not feel quilty watching TV.