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maandag 30 juli 2012

Some new treasures

Like prommised yesterday, I will put some more pictures of our small garden. We do have a pond with 4 fishes. There were times we had even a Koi in that pond, but it got so big we had to find a larger place for him and so he lived for a long time on the golfcourse lake. He had a good time and everyone was looking for him, when they passed the lake and we too, had fun to see him there.
                                     The water lilies are no longer in bloom right now
                                                                                                                                                                                           This chandelier hangs above the pond. It was left by a friend of us. We did not want to trow it a way and is a very nice focal point.

This lady is made out of marble. This was made by my father and was standing in my mothers house many years, I am glad to have it is with me now, I will take care of her.

This beautiful piece is made by Dieter, it is made from air dried clay and it is standing in a small alcove in the wall. that means: that wall is ours.

We love Japanese gardens and we used to have a few very beautiful bonsais, now we have only 2 left. The little Japanese lantern we have painted red and is standing an a stone in front of the pond.

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    1. Thank You very much for Your comment Joanne Simon, I read your blog about your valentine to simons name , very true.

  2. Love your blending of modern with the older,worn pieces. Especially the sand nude in the old brick alcove. Fun! I would love to visit with you in your garden:)

    1. Hi Carolina , That would be great if You could visit me, but for now, we have to visit each other on our blogs. Greetings from me