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woensdag 4 juli 2012

Soon reopening

After our galerie was empty again, we decided to put our Art back. That was hard work, cleaning, painting and putting back the lights. Dieter did a good job.

On one wall we put all the paintings of Horses, then in the middle, many drawings that Dieter has made.

But also fun things happened, we found 2 drawings, which we both made many years ago, like a competition. And now we framed them together.
the left woman made by Dieter, the right one, was me.
It will take us about 2 days more, before we can reopen the galerie, but that is okay. I will still be making some more of the lovely handbags. I have some in the window and it looks like the people are interested. I hope so.
Paintings waiting for the right wall and spotlights
I took a picture of an unfinished wall, and like it . It is more like a "still life"

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