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maandag 8 oktober 2012

Bird Art Installation

It has been a while that I found the time to write something on my blog. I know that october was the month again for the blogchallenge and I wanted to join the group, but somehow I did not start. But I was creative and that counts for me.
While I had my exhibition at the Golfcourse at Herkenbosch and I met Marianne she told me about this Bird Art installation day on the 7th. of october and so I decided to make a bird and ofcourse it had to be made from fabric. I had made a lovely oil painting with a pink bird on it. So that was my pattern

It was the first time  I made a 3D figure and had to figure out how that works.

I was pleased with the result My flower power bird was able to stand on his two feet. After I had stuffed him and also put a large stick in his body to give it some stability.

It still had  a week to go and so I made an other bird but this time not so time consuming made from plasticbags and a lot of hot glue. So this time a flying bluebird.
Yesterday it was THE DAY and the birds went for a flight with many others even around the world. It was organized by Mr. Ed Hanssen and we all had a great day with nice weather a lot to eat and drink and many new friends. I made a movie here it is.

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    1. Thank You Jo Anne . I used to paint a lot, maybe I should start again.

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    1. Thank You Dianne,did You start the blogchallenge this month?

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    1. yes it was nice to meet some new people and they were all nice too.

  4. Cheered up by your colorful work! Thanks for brightening my day!

    1. Thank You again for your lovely words, Makes my day great. I read Your blog again, but did not find out your name, is it Carolina or is that just the name of north and south carolina?