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dinsdag 1 januari 2013


Happy New year, to everyone who read my blog and thank You for visiting. This is a good start for 2013 to do the ultimate blog challenge again. I joined the first time a half a year ago and so I know this is not an easy task, but also very good for me to do. So here we go.
Last night we went to a lovely theater, called the Apollo in Düsseldorf Germany.
They have a good Variety Show and because Dieter, my husband and I used to work at variety's as Antipodist we enjoyed it very much. You can have a look at an old post from me to see what we used to do. http://codiart.blogspot.nl/2012/04/there-s-no-business-like.html
The original Apollo Theater in Düsseldorf was bombed during World War 2 and now Mr. Bernhard Paul has opened this new Apollo Theater 15 years ago. He himself is very well known for Circus Roncalli.I worked with him as choreographe for the Showballet in the "Alte Oper" Frankfurt.
A friend of us, Mr. Carol Loettel invited us for yesterdays dinner show and we were very happy to be there, together with Dagmar and Panda also friends from the Showbusiness. Panda was an Elephant trainer.
After the show we had our first dance of the year together with the showpeople on stage.
When we came home, our neighbors were still partying so some more DANCING!. Now it will be time to concentrate on my ART again and I will talk about this in the days.
So please keep coming back.

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  1. I popped over to your blog from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Just thought I would take this opportunity to say hi and good luck - Nicky Kriel

    1. Hi Nicky, Thank You for your good wishes. I hope You have a great year too. greetings

  2. Happy New Year! It looks like it was a wonderful extravaganza! Looking forward to future blog posts! Have an amazing 2013.

    1. Thank You Theresa, I commented on Your blog as well. Greetings