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zondag 13 januari 2013

How is every blogger doing?

I don"t know what happen with the blogchallenge the last 2 days I did not get any comments, only some on my facebook page, so I give it an other try. Maybe all the bloggers are just busy with them selves. Me too really I am working so hard to get my house in order for tomorrow I will have at least 3 people over to our house to see if the studio we have for rent is something they like.
curtain with birds and flowers.
Also my studio gets better every day, I got most of my textile art on the walls and that is much better than having them in a closet and not be able to see them. Tomorrow I will post some pictures again.

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  1. Sometimes they make it so hard to react because you have to put in 2 words that are unreadable so I guess a few times and then I give up.