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zaterdag 12 januari 2013

Mysterious trees

I love trees, with all their variations,  in our latitude with the lovely change of colors in the 4 seasons.  The trunks are special to me, not that I hug the trees YET, but I look close at the trunks  and see how the bark of the different species are formed. This also because many of my Textile artpieces  has trees in them and I stich as close as possible to the real form of the bark.

As You can see in this picture, this mysterious tree with a lot of moss on the trunk, is standing at the golfcourse and I'm sure that many people don't know where this tree is standing.

On a mysterious december day I took a picture of a tree which is standing right in the middle of hole 10. They trimmed him very short and strange I believe, 

but they treated him well and surrounded his trunk with a heavy layer of linen around and so it was not so bad after all and the last summer the tree got new leaves.

The last picture is funny we took it 20 years ago when we made a walk trough a village not far from here. An old house with a nice door was totally covert by the strange arms of a tree so it looks like in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Now there are new people living in that house and the door is now a beautiful new class window and the mysterious tree is gone!

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