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dinsdag 5 februari 2013

Meeting with Stars!

This morning was a nice start in the day again. I launched my computer watched my mail and blog, gave some answers and than I put on I Tunes, connected my computer to the radio for a super sound.
Found all the great french singer my husband likes so much.
Dieter used to work just before my time in the 1950 till 1964 in different theaters in Europe and worked many times with great french artist, like: Charles Aznavour in Ancienne Belgique and in Casino Montreux and  a TV Show in Hannover.
He played chess with him. I love his song La Mamma, it always gives me gooseskin. It reminds me of sad episode which happened in Bruxelles, we stood with our caravan inside of an old campingplace in the centre. There were some gypsies with their trailers, one night when we came home, we heard people crying and an old gypsy woman was dying. The song la mamma fit with these emotions.
Then he met Phillippe Clay,  click the link for a nice song of him Ecoute ma bien! Charles Trenet,     George Ulmer , this video of the song Pigalle has nice pictures of Paris, he was a commedian and singer, Dieter also worked with him in Sala Fiesta Emporium in Barcelona. But there was also a great orchester Perez Prado who was a big STAR at that time, coming from Cuba, they called him the
 KING OF MAMBO his famous number was Mambo nr. 5. and Dieter did his Footjuggling Act  to his Music.

Jacqueline Francois, in Bobino Paris,  met Edith Piaf in Paris in Olympia back stage. Luis Mariano in the Moulin Rouge please do click this link it is a very typical old Paris style.

Jack Brel from Belgium  in Alhambra Paris. I love his song au Port d'Amsterdam

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I had never heard of this artist. You are correct. The song is haunting. And thank you for sharing your story.....

    1. Hi Kim, Thank You for your comment, I visited Your site too and commented. Nice story.

  2. Great post, Coby! I love music myself, so getting to hear songs is something I try to allow myself to hear everyday. Thanks.

    1. Hi Aletha, nice to hear from You, do You have a blog? I found you on google+ Greetings