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dinsdag 2 april 2013

Souvenirs from Roermond

Today I received an email from Sandra Tyler, she wrote: Hi Coby I'm setting up a FB Page for the Woven Tale Press and incorporated your image into a montage of sorts for the cover...hope You are ok with that. You can see it at: https://www.facebook.com/TheWovenTalePress
So ofcourse I went to her site and LIKED her straight away and was number ONE. She wrote me back and told me she had alraidy 800 subscribers. That went very fast. Go and like her page, she is doing a great job with her
E book.
While You are there it is only one click away to my own fan page, so give it a try and stay informed at:
If You do, I prommise to like Your page as well.
Working on small keepsakes from our hometown Roermond just to try out if people are interested, I have made some necklages and keychains also some handbags, all with motives of my own textile art. Like the one from our townhall which You can see here.

Following the blogchallenge again this month and one day late, but I will try to keep up for the next 29 days,

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