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zaterdag 6 juli 2013

A special Event at the ECI culturefactory

Yesterday evening we went to a very special event at the Culturefactory ECI in our hometown Roermond. The ECI is build in a very large and old factory and has a theater, a cinema and many different workshops around art. 

Also the Music scool is there and Ballet and Theater classes. Many years ago, I used to work for them as a ballet teacher. We were invited to come to the opening of the exhibition were 33 artist had the opportunity to make Art around a Poetry named "Gratis is het woord niet"(Free is not the word) which is about a redlight woman and the poet is Arnon Grunberg. His words are very sexy and it is not sure if this is literature or pure porno. So also the paintings are very peculiar and in a way also pornografic. Charlotte Schleiffert, Lilith Love and Monique Sluyter where among the artist.
But You know if people call it art, than everything seems to be okay. I found a few pieces very beautiful and therefore I can show You this picure. 

The dresses were made from felt, just beautiful also a very large painting from a womans face which I think is a great piece.

After we visited the exhibition we went to the Pop room where a singer had her performance, she worked together with a combo and it was a nice atmosphere as she sang real cabaret songs about the hookers from Amsterdam. While we had a glass of whine a lady came to me, took my hand and said: aren"t You the lovely Yester, from the Carnival show in the theater? Yes I am how come You do recognize me, When I do this show I  am not recognizable at all. Oh the woman said, it is your movement. How about that. It was a real special evening and we met many nice people.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great evening. Must be nice to be recognized, even if you aren't as recognizable on stage. It really means people have been paying attention to what you are doing on stage.

    1. Hi Mama Beer, I tried to visit your blog, But I believe your last entry was a few month ago. greetings and Yes I enjoyed our evening.

  2. Reacties
    1. Yes glad we got on our feet instead of staying lazy at home.xxx