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donderdag 10 oktober 2013

It was worth it.

Long hours in Barcelona, but it was worth it. Ofcourse we had to take the bus that took 1 hour exactly. The weather was great for a day in the city. It was about 10 years ago that we had visit Barcelona the last time and it is beautiful. Many people from all around the world, also many young people. The first stop was the Pla├ža Cataluna and we made our first picture.

 After that we did manage to do the whole Ramblas till the harbour, but first we visited the big market. So nice, look at the pictures of the fruits and fresh fruits of the sea and fish.

We past a new kind of bridge and people were feeding the fishes, even in the harbour is the water very clean. 

Columbus showing the way to the USA
Then we visit a new very big Center. We had to stop many times to take a break as hour feet were hurting. On the way back we stopped again at the market place and had our lunch in a fish restaurant. It was crowded. On the way to the busstation Dieter made an other picture of one of the beautiful buildings. 

We did not make it to a museum or so, just too much to do in one day. When we came home in our hotel we had to take a little nap to get well again. Next time we take a sightseeing bus through the city, that is for sure.

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