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donderdag 27 februari 2014

Keep going

To keep on going is all I really want to, but now those wishes are there but not always possible to fullfill. Anyway my life has changed a little and it feels like I have to move faster and do more and more. Restless is what you could name it. But what is nice about it is that I make many stiches every day and that means that my art work is growing everyday. Here a picture of that piece. 

I am sure I need to work on it at least one month more. At the same time I still want to learn more about textile, to combine different textures together and build up more layers. It is nice to see how I become looser in my work. I learned a lot from Jude Hill she creates lovely ragged pieces, and tells stories with her cloth. I also made an other collage from my sudoku papers.

 I like that a lot and gives me a smile when a piece is done. 
That is it for today. I have to get up and start stitching again.

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