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maandag 21 september 2015

Berlin Wall

The last two month I was busy making the Berlin Wall out of textile. 6 Month ago my friends and fellow artist from KC61 desided to organize an exhibition around "Vrijheid" Freedom.
The left part I made out of silk and painted it red white and blue
the right part was made bij Joep van Kerkom and was printed
Not knowing that now each day, thousands of people leaving there country because of war and are looking for freedom.
Freedom, the most important feeling for anyone in this world.
So here we are at the city hall in Echt. The opening was at the 18th. of september, and I had the honor to welcome the people and to open the exhibition.
People from Syriaƫ were invited too to present paintings and poetry's
Mohammad Garout played beautiful the flute and the ut (an arabic lute)  Even poetry in the arabic language was performed and althought we did not understand the words,  we felt his feelings and people were quiet and impressed

Berlin Wall Textileart Coby Lange
Evelien Wink
Lei Hannen and Jeanne van Hest
Joep van Kerkom
Marion Baaten
Raymonde Sampers
Leo Kornip

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