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dinsdag 22 maart 2016

Starting a new project

Going strong
Well at least I try. On my last textile piece 6 barks which I finished end of november I put on a border and I think it looks very clean now. And it is SOLD. Whow. The woman who bought this beauty watched it grow so to say. While I was working on it she came many times and wanted to see the result and made pictures.
I am sure it will get a nice spot in her house.
Not knowing what kind of art I will make next, I made some drawings. Some of them was nature again but I wanted to try something totally different this time. Figurative abstract. Here some pictures of the last 2 weeks.

first layout
more thread painting

Last weekend we from KC61 had a exhibition together with 7 artist in Terpekerkje from Urmond. Very nice because this was a church before has a very hight seeling, beautiful light coming in through the windows. There came 190 visitors to see our work.

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