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maandag 16 januari 2017

Improving the gallery

In October we had an exhibition in our gallery Mixed media art by Monique Humblet. Nice work and nice colors. The opening was great and we had a lot of people who came to visit.

It's been awhile since I again write a blog, but it's not easy to do if you do not get enough response, so I'm not sure what to write about. Should it more personal, less writing, more pictures, who knows ???

The gallery will be enhanced if we invest in a nicer area, a small kitchen, a cozy sitting area. As the matter of fact, that's precisely what is happening right now, so I'm very excited.

Normally I do not have a New Year promises of what to do or not to do for the next year, but I started a small scetchbook Dieter my husband and I are making every day a small drawing or painting. It's so nice and cozy to sit together and paint. I love that. Here are some pictures.

Day 2  Coby aquarel
Day 4  Coby tekening
Day 10 Coby collage
Day 9  Dieter  Aquarel

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi, I love to read your blog and it doesn't matter to me in what language you write it. You are always inspiring.

    1. You are so busy and still found the time to read my blog. Thank You and success with Your Show. Love You.

  2. You inspire me, you both with your long experience in many ways of lives, both evolving and still going on. Please tell us about the little things you see in your gallery, its not the result that inspires, but the way you get the results.

    1. Thank You so much Moniek, I have to wait a while till the worst chaos in the Gallery is over. Hopefully in about one week. But I sure will go on.!!! Because that is what I have to do.