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zaterdag 29 juli 2017

Small Art Garden

July 29th again.
That's how fast the time goes by. I wanted to write a few blogs this month and I did. Not as much as I would have had but better than not at all. So today I write something about our little garden. We are so lucky to have a place to go outside and enjoy flowers, scrubs and even a pond with some goldfish. But above all we love art and curiosities or even 'KITSCH' on the old wall around the garden. When we bought this house about 30 years ago, we thought we would close the garden so we had a bigger store. But fortunately we did not.
Dieters Art Wood Faces ith chandelier
Sometimes we go outside for dinner. Many times when people come to our gallery, they walk straight on to the garden and enjoy all the things that can be seen. Here are some pictures and I hope you like them.
Brass lizart

old copperpan with necklage
From above our chair with handpainted silk covert
Pond with chandelier

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