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zondag 1 oktober 2017

What to do

Time for a blog challenge again, it seems to work so why not start this month.
Not sure if I should write in Dutch or English. I come across small responses to find out what's best. So the following is in Dutch.
I have a little pain. About a week ago, I hurt my back by doing nothing really, and working on a very large wall hanging makes it very disturbing. I want to finish it for an exhibition at the townhall of Echt-Susteren, a small village in the south of the Netherlands at the end of October.

Usually I work 3 to 5 hours a day. It is all Handmade, stitch through the stitch. My work space is a big disorder, but as long as my beloved man does not complain, it's also good for me.
Tomorrow I have to go to Valkenburg, together with KC61 an artist community we had a 3 month long exhibition there in the Museum "Land van Valkenburg" and tomorrow it is time to bring our art back home again.

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