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zondag 8 april 2012

"Beegder Heide"

Not far from my home town, we have some nice nature places and one of them is called  "De Beegder Heide" (Heather) It is a rare place on the west side of the river Maas, in the province Limburg. The "Vens" forms an attractive spot for amfibien like the pad, a kind of frog and the dragonfly, this last group has made a terrific come back to this surroundings and for many animals and plants this is the last sanctuary in this region. It almost disappeared, becaus of the many trees and their leaves which covered the water and soon there would be only forest and the unique caracter of this beautiful place gone for ever.

But since 1997 a lot have changed and now it returns to the original natur with varieties of leaf and needl trees. They use sheeps to keep de gras short and when a tree falls down it can stay there so the smaller animals can find shelter.

Today at Easter sunday we had a nice walk through the "Beegder Heide" It looked like spring took a step back again bacause of the cold weather. Just some green spots to see, from the birches.

But a beautiful sky with white clouds reflecting in the water took my eye and for the first time we saw many Ganadien geese  they where flying in the sky and screeming I believe they too are waiting for better weather, just like we.

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