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maandag 30 april 2012

The Best for Last

That is true the best for last, I mean only for this blogchallenge, because this is the last post for the month of april 2012. I want to write something about my daughter, she is at this moment the last of our family Lange who is in Showbusiness, together with her cousin Rosi Hochegger. Artist Family Lange started in 1872 and I have made a DVD with a lot of pictures of all the generations and Video Films. It tooks me 6 month to finish it.
Family tree with the blue site of Oswin Lange who is the grandfather of Nathaly our daughter
Nathaly was sure at the age of 12, that she loves to be in Showbusiness like her parents were and so her dad and she started to practice after she found out what her act would be. She decided to become a Cowgirl, she loved dancing and that was a good opportunity to use that in her Act. She started to spin lasso's. Fortunately she met Vince Bruce in Amsterdam, so to say the best Roper in the world, he became a good friend of her and they practice together.
After lasso spinning she started to juggle with pistols and Whipcracking, so at the age of 15 her Act was complete and she started to work in Europe, mostly together with her parents. Her name
"Bonny West" For more pictures please click the link
She went to USA in Florida where her friend Vince was working in a Show named "Fort Liberty"
Not long after that, she started herself at that show and met her husband Tuson Big Mountain. He is a native American and worked with his family at the same show. A few years later they became husband and wife a very beautiful couple, but we lost her to that country so far away from us, and I lost a few tears about that. But she is happy and that matters most.
Together they moved to California and worked at the Wild Bill's for 12 years and We became grandma and grandpa, from a lovely boy, Jacodie.
That is not a baby anymore but a handsome teener
Now Nathaly and Tuson live and work in Las Vegas, what a town so many things to see and to do. Nathaly worked in different Casino's like the Wynn, and the Mandalay Bay, she was behind stage working wardrobe for the singer, but now she is again working as cowgirl in the
"Viva Elvis Show," from Cirque du Soleil.
We are so proud of her, and so glad that we have such a lovely daughter. Next month so that is very soon we will visit her again.

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  1. What an amazing girl and story. Loved reading about her show biz life.

  2. Thank You very much Carolina, yes we are proud parents and so lucky we will visit her next week