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donderdag 19 april 2012


Follies a good word for a good Show. The Follies (If You click the link, You can see a video spot)in Palm Springs California. This show is very special because all the performers must be over 55 years of age. That means, also the lovely girls are mostly far in the 60th. When we visited the show, there was a dancer lady from 80 years old. She came on stage, the Talkmaster asked her:"I heard You can still make the split" "Yes" she said and voila she glide into the split rhight there on stage. The audience applaused for her and screem yeh very good. Than the old lady said:"Yes but now I can not get up" Big laughter again. Two men dancer came on stage and took her up her feet. So funny and so good. There is something about that place. The old people are enjoying them self, the showpeople but also the audience who are mostly also far over 60 years old. I have seen people coming to the show with a oxygen bottle in their hands, but smiling!!
Our Cousin Miss Rogana also performed there. She had a great act with knife balancing on a sweeping ladder. Here a video from her act.

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