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woensdag 18 april 2012


Berlin is the newest Fashion Mecca. There are twice a year about 50 Shows in 4 days.
It's fun watching the shows on TV. There are many German designers. 
For example: Lala Berlin, that has an oriental theme, or Kaviar Goache, which is very exclusive.
The people of Berlin feel free about how to dress. Good or Bad taste? It is not important, but here is a movement. AVANTGARDE. In paris people dresses more elegant.
Me in my age do not feel that boutiques have somtheing for my taste. Everything in fashion is made for the Young women or Businesswomen. But what about us? We too love fashion, but can not carry a mini skirt or hotpants anymore, what is IN this summer. It seems that the fashion world no longer listen to us, altought we are a large group.
Made by Johnn van Dijk

Made by Johnn van Dijk

Than it is good to have a couturier where You can tell what You want and choose the fabric and colors. I have someone opposite my house . His name is "Johnn van Dijk"If he has a Fashion Show, I often make the choreography and take care for the girls. But what I like most of his shows. He also has some older ladies walking the "Catwalk" for him and that is great for us. We do not feel disapointed for our body, which does not fit into size 34 anymore.

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