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dinsdag 17 april 2012

Beads and more

 My beading experience.

I tried a lot of crafts before I choose to stay with my fabric art, like BEADWORK
My daughter who lives in the USA married a native American and they make the most beautiful boedwork on everyhing.
My daughter lerned the beadwork from het mother inlas. She has made some great men waistcoats and a lot of jewlery. So I got so enthausiastic and wanted to learn that craft too.
I bought thausends of glas beads in a very small size 10
Nice colours
Also a book"The Art of Beadweaving " by Jacque Owens. Wow how nice the little pouches came out. So pretty.

Mostly I use the peyote stich, but you can ork the right angle weave, the daisy stich,Brick stich and more. Check out the free beading instructions . But ofcourse I am a ceative woman, made drawings and started an collection of jewels. 
There is a lot of information, just Google 
my earrings
One of my designs

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