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maandag 16 april 2012

Don't forget

Yesterday I worked in an old book that I found.
There were a lot of loose photographs,  poems and drawings. Even from my grandson, when he was still a minor. He is now 14 years old. So it was about time to give them a place.
I got this book years ago and I knew than, this was no ordinary diary, because I do not write every day.
But now after 13 years I read the first page, dated 25th. of March 1999. War!! Yes war in Yugoslavia. Accidently I was near when the first shots fell, because we were on vacation in Dubrovnik. So suddenly by reading, everything came back close to me again. My grandchild was born in a free country and other children not far from us had so much suffering. War is so terrible and everyday there is war somewhere in this world and you feel so helpless.
My day began as usual with music, but instad of listrning to the radio, I turned on a CD and oddly I heard the CD of Luciano Paverotti & Friends:   For the Children of Bosnia.
It is a great CD with arttist such as: Brian Eno, Bono & the Edge, Dolores O'Riordan, Gam Gam, Jovanotti, Marco Armiliato, Meat Loaf, Michael Bolton, Michael Kamen, Nenad Bach, Simon Le Bon, The Chieftains and Zucchero. 
In many songs, I got goosebumps, especially when the audience sing along.
Ave Maria. Let there be PEACE

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  1. I'm sorry if this is a duplicate but I commented earlier and it seems to be "lost". I wanted to commend you for remembering and how sad that such terrible things happen between us humans. The children don't deserve to grow up with such horrors.

  2. No this is not a duplicate and I agree with your comment. It is diffucult to change the world.