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zondag 15 april 2012

''t Brunke

't Brunke, what does it mean "brunke?" First of all it is a dialect from the province Limburg in the south of the Netherlands and means Bronnetje or Putje which is a WELL . The oldest well in Roermond, my hometown was found in 1360, there were plenty of wells in town and about 30 family's (click the link to see some nice old pictures from that time) had to take care of the well and could use them for drinking water and so on. So in the discothek    't Brunke is also a well and they builded a hight bartable around it, with a glassplate, so you can look down a few meter and still see the water.
café 't Brunke
We go out there once or twice a month and meet some nice people mostly young ofcourse, so we are the old couple. Well that's okay with us. We love to dance although the music is a kind of loud, but we don't care, keeps us going strong. Hey babe let's dance yeh, yeh.

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