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zaterdag 14 april 2012

My working space

Now adays, there are many creative people, who show their working space and have pictures taken and then published and reviewd in magazins. Like in "Studios" 26 Studios in stages. Quilters, designers, fabric artist and more showing their studios.

What about my space? I have practicaly no space. Oh how sad! Yes I know, but I still make my art. I use to have an own gallery and a large working space, but it has been let and so I have to do my work on the dining table. I have a large table and a beautiful flower lamp above it.
After lunch I can use it for as long as my husband is hungry again and I need to put my sewing machine a side.
In 1 corner I have a large plastic box with the material inside which I use at that moment. An other corner has a box with some scrappaper.
it is not easy, but hey I am creative and that is what matters most. Today I finished an other textile art piece. My nr. 8 of a series from the golfcourse in Herkenbosch, where I go for a walk when the weather is nice. Here some pictures of MY STUDIO !!!!!
Myboxes for today use.
My Art nr. 8 of a serie
Scrapbooking and more

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  1. Nou ik vind het prima hoor zo'n kleine ruimte, ik zit in de bijkeuken en die is ook erg klein! Maar ik kan er alles maken en hoef niet op te ruimen voor hongerige mensen, alleen dieren. :)

  2. Zie je zonder opruimen is al een hele verbetering maar ik ben ook tevreden hoor. Bedankt voor je commentaar en veel succes Manon.

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    1. Ich sehe gerade erst das du hierauf reagiert hast aber das zeichen <3 verstehe ich nicht muss wohl ein smiley sein. Danke