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vrijdag 13 april 2012

Coby's Shop

Maybe You have noticed it on the sidebar, but I do have an Etsy store. At this moment when I do the Ultimate Blogchallenge it is a litte difficult to keep my shop filled up with new items. Not because I don't have enough accessoires to put in my shop,  but because You need real good photo's from every piece and write a review about the item. The weather has not been so good lately and I love to take photo's outside in my little garden. I believe the colours are more natural by daylight. I have a nice inside garden, which is special because I live in the middle of town and only a few people have a garden.

One of a kind black, red and white bag, made out of recycled plasic bags
Anyway I just found pictures alraidy on my MAC which I will use today and put them in my Shop
Handpainted Silktie , light yellow and gray with a little green .

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